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How to start earning

After reading this instruction, you can fully understand the entire logic of the site.

How to connect to pancakeswap

To start working on PancakeSWAP, you must connect the cryptocurrency wallet to the stock exchange. Click in the upper right corner on the “Connect” button.

A window appears with a selection of wallets. Select the wallet you need and connect it to the stock exchange. Account will be created automatically when connecting.
Usually, when connected to PancakeSWAP, a TrustWallet wallet belonging to the Binance Exchange is used. The wallet works on the BSC network, which provides lower commissions.


To work with PancakeSWAP requires Cake tokens. They can be bought on the Binance Exchange and translate to Trustwallet, or immediately buy on PancakeSwap. To do this, open the side menu, click on the “Trade” tab, then “Exchange”.
In the first window, choose a token, which we will sell. In the second token Cake. With the first exchange, there will be 2 confirmation of payment – for activating the wallet and exchange of means.

Tokens LP

For pharmine tokens Cake, you need to get LP tokens – provide liquidity. To do this, open the side menu, click on the TRADE tab, then “Liquidity”.
Click on the “Add Liquidity” button. A window appears similar to the exchanger. We choose a couple of tokens who are going to make. Before adding liquidity to the pool, read the article on non-permanent losses.

Briefly: non-permanent losses – the difference between the storage of the tokens in the liquidity pool and on the wallet. The non-permanent loss occurs when the prices of the tokens blocked in the pool are diverted in any direction. The more discrepancy, the greater the inconstant loss.

Tokens need to be added in a 50/50 ratio with respect to USD. For example, $ 10 BNB and $ 10 Cake. We check the details, confirm the delivery and transaction in the wallet. When adding a BNB / CACE pair, we will get Cake-BNB LP tokens. This must be taken into account in the pharmine.


For pharmine tokens, go to the “Farms” tab in the side menu. There will be a choice of farms. Choose a farm for those LP tokens that we have created earlier. If Cake-BNB LP tokens have been created, select the appropriate farm.
Choose the amount we want to send to Farming Cake and confirm the operation. Ready, Cake tokens are expressing. You can collect a reward at any time.


For Staying, we purchase Cake tokens and send them to a shared pool of Cake. To do this, open the side menu and switch over the “Pools” tab.
After adding tokens to the pool, you can conduct reinvestment to increase the extraction of Cake. Each transaction is a commission.

The resulting profit can be taken (Harvest), reinvest (compound), add new tokens (+) and pick up profits and coins from Staying (Unstake Cake).


Cake tokens make it possible to participate in the lottery. The lottery passes every 6 hours. To take part in the lottery, open the side menu and go through the “Lottery” tab.
One ticket costs 10 Cake tokens. You will receive a random four-digit combination of numbers from 1 to 14. To win a jackpot number on a ticket must match the numbers on a winning ticket. If two or more numbers coincide, you will get a variety of awards from PancakeSwap.

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