Here you can learn how to start using the PancakeSWAP platform and read the instructions, how to start earning the first money

How to use PancakeSwap

From the possibilities of PancakeSWAP, we turn to the instructions for working with the stock exchange.

The main thing about PancakeSwap

A decentralized banking (DEX) Pankaceswap is based on the BINANCE SMART CHAIN ​​(BSC) blockchain according to the BEP-20 standard. The Exchange is an alternative to the Ethereum blockchain.

PancakeSWAP uses an automated market-maker model, users trade against liquidity pool. The exchange can be exchanged on the BEP-20 tokens. Poons of liquidity on PancakeSWAP are filled with users. In return, users receive liquidity provider token – LP. On PankaceSWAP they are called Flip. Flip tokens can be used to return their share and repayment of the part of the Commission.

Also, Flip tokens can be used for Cake pharmine. Cake tokens can be betted to get Syrop tokens. The latter have additional functionality as control tokens and as tickets in the lotteries.

Lottery and NFTS cards – distinctive features of the exchange Pankaceswap. Lottery participants can win up to 50% of the lottery pool or get a variety of rewards. NFTS cards are analogues of collectible items and characters in online games. They can be stored or selling for Cake.



After reading the text below, you can proceed to reading the instructions.

What is PancakeSwap?

PancakeSWAP is a decentralized Exchange for BEP-20 Tocken Tocken Exchange.

Are you familiar with Uniswap or Sushiswap? If so, then you will not have problems with understanding PancakeSWAP – in the essence of their technology similar.

Farming and Staying on PancakeSwap

But that’s not all! PancakeSWAP allows you to earn Cake control token.On the farm you can make lp-tokens by blocking them to receive Cake. What LP tokens are available for making? The list is quite long, below shows the list of the most popular:

Adding liquidity

If you have previously used any AMM, you know what to do. For pharmine Cake you need to first add liquidity to the stock exchange.Go to “Trade” on the sidebar on the left, then click “Liquidity”, “Add Liquidity” and select a pair of tokens you want to make. Before adding liquidity to the pool, make sure you know about non-permanent losses.

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